Language training:
Culture training:



For ATRRS Registration:

  • Go to

  • Find section named ATRRS CHANNELS. If necessary, expand ARMY section and Click on “Self Development.”

  • The ATRRS Self Development Center page is displayed. On the left there is a form to search by course number or name. You may have success using this form, however, if not, choose the Advanced Search link just below to view a different form. On the form in the center: Select Fiscal Year should be set to 2011. Move to the Search by School section and select 215 - DEFENSE LANGUAGE INSTITUTE & LANGUAGE CENTER from the School dropdown menu. Click the Search the ATRRS Course Catalog button.

  • From the list displayed choose a language class. On the page that displays click “Register.”

  • ATRRS registration confirmation usually only takes a few minutes. You will receive an email confirming registration. Under certain circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours to confirm your registration, please wait to call ATRRS help desk until after 24 hours have passed.

  • Once registration is confirmed, go to ALMS in AKO to complete your training!



  • Log in to the AKO homepage (, click on Self Service in the tool bar. Scroll down to My Training. From My Training, click on the ALMS gadget to take you to the ALMS home page.

  • Click on current enrollments.  Find the Rapport course you registered for and click 'launch' on the right side under "Actions."

  • A window with the table of contents will appear. Click on the first chapter of the cultural orientation module. Once you complete that chapter and the self assessment close the chapter and return to the table of contents and contiune through the rest of the course.